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Joke:sharing of dead bodies

Helloo...here is a joke for this week. Two trouble kids went to my friend house to plough his orange,after they were through with the ploughing of orange,they carried it with a very big bag and ran into a nearby cemetery so that they can share it equal,on their way two orange fail down on the front of the gate but the let it go beacuse they hve enough in the bag.As they ran into the cemetery, they started sharing de orange,while the where sharing the orang a drunker was passing the cemetery and he heard the voice saying, 'i take one,u take one' about two times,he did not wait to confirm,and he ran back to a nearby church and call a pastor.he told the pastor that he should come and withness how Devil and GOD use to share corpse.as they get to the gete,the voice started again, 'i take one,u take one' as they were counting, they stoped for a while,and one of the two kids asked 'WHAT OF THE TWO AT THE GATE?' Come se marathon,behold two of them ran as posible as the can,even the pastor run pass his church.

Pls.. Write your comment, what 'two'do you think the boy was asking? Read before commenting.

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