Feel The Africans Vibes.



Akpos was searching for work, so one day he found a work but the work requires somebody who travels round the world. The following conversations ensured between him and the interviewer.

Interviewer: hope you have traveled to many countries? Akpos: yes sir. Interviewer: have you traveled to china? Akpos: yes that was the place I met my wife, I lived there for 2years. Interviewer: wow, what about Usa? Akpos: that was where I got admission, I studied there for 4years. Interviewer: thats nice, have you been to germany also? Akpos: hahahahaha, that was where my wife delivered my first son junior, so I lived there for two and half years. Interviewer: wow you are wonderful, that means you will be good in geography? Akpos: yes oo, geography is where I started life, I lived there for 5years. The Interviewer fainted. Lolzzz one word for akpos?

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