Feel The Africans Vibes.



After a long period of time that DON F. and SPANY "the two boss of G-stars music crew"
left the crew due to the lack of seriousness of their members,the moved ahead together as
friends who has the same zeal of archiving a goal in their music carer .

these two fast rising artistes of the year "DON F. and SPANY " has droped a new hot
hit titled; MY BIAFRAN HONEY.On this track DON F. sang the chorus and also rap at the
second verse and third verse while SPANY took over the first verse and the backup.

MY BIAFRAN HONEY is a song that admires the beauty of BIAFRAN WOMEN
and at the same time admires the beauty of  NIGERIAN WOMEN,it is a creative song from
DON F. and SPANY.Download this track bellow,listen to it,comment and share with your
friends and be loved.


contact Don f.+2348097734418
 and Spany +2348182983741
Good luck !.

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