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Jason Oneil Johnson known by his stage name Jemineye is a Jamaican artist that was born May 30, in Spanish Town, Jamaica and raised in Clarendon. At the age of 12 he spent time in England and Panama, which was a life changing event and gave him a bigger perspective on life. That same year he found his interest in music after being inspired by a family friend and began writing and recording songs.
     At the age of 16 he was on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, a televised show that boosted his career. In high school he joined a conglomerate of talented artist to form the group Hard to Die. He has been featured on the song Brainfood as well as created many songs of his own such as “Fighting Struggles”. His music is melodic and motivational with a strong dancehall foundation fused together with the many other genres he has been inspired by.
    Jemineyes name reflects his birth sign but also his 360 vision. He has used the struggles of his life as power to create a brighter future. Jimeyes dedication to his music caught the ears of the legendary Black Market Records who are set to release his latest project, “Third Sign 360 Vision”.
Mi nah fi gwaan X nah brag and boast
Naw forfeit the money target close
Dem a talk sh** money talk till it hoarse
Impress woman wa pretty like rose
Mi nuh short of f*** still gi dem a one dose, bread in a pocket to how mi hot it tun toast, bread in a pocket, to how mi hot it tun toast
Hello money
Hola money
Bonjour Money
Mushy mushi money
(And mi seh)
Hello money
Money a weh yuh wey deh
A weh yuh wey deh
Money a weh yuh wey deh
A weh yuh wey deh
Money a weh yuh wey deh
A weh yuh wey deh
Verse 1p
It ironic how money have a hero
Print pon it and a money a we hero
Like Roberto watch me and the Dinero
Hit song Mek more money than a kilo
Thank god mi money Bigga than mi ego
Find Di money a noh Dori noh Nemo
Money fi Mek a wa do Stitch a wa do Lilo a mi unu fi greet soh
Rpt chorus
Verse 2
God bless mi fi richer than most
Soh mi can Mek mommy get a next house, tell JPS done come tek yoh light post, Solar power yoh son a yuh light source, a noh water commission, spring and pump house, nice car nice shoes nice close, weekend a north coast pop the liquor and toast, soo'n get rich yuh get the picture? Gwaan pose, and seh
Rpt chorus

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