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Quarme Zaggy Talked About ‘Totofiifii ‘ On Zylofon fm With Sammy Flex

Quarme Zaggy Talked About ‘Totofiifii ‘ On Zylofon fm With Sammy Flex

According to Lovars Empire / QZ Music boss ‘Quarme Zaggy ‘ releases a new song just some few days ago. He titled this song ‘Totofiifii’ which means ‘Kids’, Inside Zylofon fm when riddimsghana.com was monitoring yesterday. In an interview between Sammy Flex and Quarme Zaggy on the Judgment Board, Sammy Flex asked him (Quarme Zaggy) why he titled the song ‘Totofiifii’. He explained it in this way “Our fathers who started doing Highlife Music didn’t claimed of any King or God, why should some of his colleagues be fighting over Highlife King and God, whiles they don’t have even an album. Their elders have several highlife albums but never claimed of king and God in highlife music “. When asked again whether he did the song to diss any of his colleagues, he answered no and moreover he don’t do diss song as a qualify musician, highlife is not about dissing someone and moreover music doing doesn’t mean you should do such thing to gain attention in the music scene.
Mr Lovar (Quarme Zaggy) is currently promoting his latest classical highlife song ‘Totofiifii’ which is been produced by Sky Beat

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