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V.O.E NEWS: To Elevate Aba Entertainment Industry Is Now Our Priority_Voice Of Enyimba Entertainment Group.

        In Nigeria,the new created group that was formed by many entertainers in the city of Aba,Abia State,
has seen the elevation of Aba entertainment industry as their number one obligation,since many Aba artistes don't want to help themselves and team together to make the industry good and profitable to them,after the brake down of the industry,which made it very hard for many artistes in Aba to make wave from their city and across the state.And it has also made them to struggle out of their city to other states. believing that there is no hope for the artistes in the City of Aba Abia State.
      But the amazing part of this whole things is that V.O.E. ENTERTAINMENT are working hard with all their minds and with all they have,to make sure that they restore the greatness of Aba entertainment industry.And they have tried so much to enlighten many artiste in the city of Aba on how important it's for them to team together and make their industry great again.
    V.O.E Entertainment was first created on 1st April 2019,but it becomes more effective on 1st April 2020 when more young talented and hard working artistes in Aba,Abia State,joined the group with the aim of making the Industry favourable to every entertainer in Aba, Abia State.
       To know more about this fearless and hardworking team,and how to sponsor them on restoring Aba entertainment industry,click on our contact button.

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