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Caro by Bonaliza

Igwebuzo Maxwell chukwuemeka known as bonaliza came through with this hot jam titled Caro, he notified the song as a dancehall song and love affection,, bonaliza is proudly sponsored by udeneolo Moronvia who is his music Godfather and also in a record label called OGME (on God music entertainment,,,, bonaliza fixed in Amarachi George beta known as Banty mickylove as the face of Caro artwork,, Banty mickylove who seems to be a model with her stylish and beautiful face has a unique nature of entertainment, she's currently available for modelling, content/face advertisement,, u can reach bonaliza on FB at Maxwell Mac bonaliza,, Instagram at Maxwell bonaliza,, u can reach Banty mickylove on FB at Amarachi George or queen practical for business,,(^^)


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