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Odell Beckham Tells Saquon Barkley To Have Giants GM Call His Agent

Odell Beckham is back on the market, having the opportunity to sign with whoever he wants. Multiple teams have flirted with the idea of signing the wide receiver. One of those has been his old club, the New York Giants.

Nobody at the Meadowlands has been afraid to spend money this offseason. The Giants have shelled out some big-time contracts, especially on the offensive end. As a franchise, they are all in on quarterback Daniel Jones and are wanting to give him as many weapons as possible.

Beckham seemingly wants to be one of those guys, as does Giants running back Saquon Barkley. The recent franchise tagged man quote tweeted a video of Beckham, commenting on how he still looks good. Beckham said to reach out, claiming the is unfinished business in New York.

“Tell Joe call my agent,” Beckham said. “I got some more shxt left to do.”

“Joe” is the New York Giants general manager, Joe Schoen. If anybody is going to work Beckham coming back to the franchise, it would be him. Players can hype up the move all they want but until a GM and agent work something out, all you have is talk.

Barkley and Beckham are definitely two fan favorites in New York. However, their time with the Giants only overlapped for one season, coming in 2018. Beckham was off the backs of a contract extension before being traded out, while Barkley was the offensive Rookie of the Year.

Vibes are higher now, as they are looking to make a jump and consistently compete in the NFC for championships. If you can get Barkley and Beckham back onto the same roster, opposing teams would have quite the headache to deal with.

Odell Beckham Jr. Has History With New York Giants

Seeing Beckham in a Giants uniform would not be anything out of the ordinary. The franchise has a lengthy history with the wide receiver, both on and off the field.

The first five seasons of Beckham’s career were spent in New York and with a ton of success. Four of them produced 1,000-yard seasons. He also led the league in yards (1,450) and touchdowns (13) during the 2015 season despite having a losing record and finishing third in the NFC East.

Eventually, Beckham demanded a trade and was shopped around the NFL. The Cleveland Browns eventually made the deal, ending his career in New York.

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